How should you wear your pearl jewellery?

Pearl jewellery is one of the only types of jewellery that really works on almost any occasion. Pearls have a natural elegance about them and can be used to dress up or dress down. When you wear pearl jewellery, you’ll both look fantastic and feel it too.

When and Where Should You Wear Pearls?

Weddings are a perfect event to show off a brilliant pearl necklace. Pearls have traditionally been used as bridal jewellery for more than 3000 years and they remain an extremely popular choice for both brides and wedding guests.

Pearl jewellery evokes images of confidence, sophistication and splendour which makes it a great option if you’re trying to work out what jewellery to wear in the workplace. Wearing a tasteful and discrete pearl necklace or pearl earrings when you attend a job interview or business meeting will not only make you stand out and appear more sophisticated, it will also improve your confidence.

That being said, a pearl necklace isn’t only for formal occasions. When you dress down, it can look funky and fun, making perfect for casual get-togethers like picnics and film-going or just settling down for a nice cup of tea with a friend. Pearl jewellery goes surprisingly well with jeans for a casual, yet sophisticated look.

How Can You Wear Your Pearls?

There are no specific rules for wearing pearls. They’re some of the most adaptable gems in the world. They work well with a wide range of styles and clothing options and it really comes down to personal taste. However, there are some generally agreed on guidelines for wearing pearl necklaces. Largely, it depends on the size of the necklace. Collars and chokers look great with plunging necklines and off-the-shoulder or spaghetti strap fashions. A princess necklace, measuring around 16-20 inches in length, works well with high or low necklines. It’s an extremely versatile and easy to wear style.

Rihanna Celebrity Pearl Necklace Orchira

Rihanna wearing some amazing long strand necklaces.

For more glamorous and trendy fashions, the opera necklace or the extended pearl rope is best. They look sleek and stylish with formal wear but also add a playful and funky touch to more casual outfits. Long necklaces can be doubled over to make an elegant multiple strand look or tied in a knot at the end to give a touch of vintage, old Hollywood glamour.

What Other Jewellery Should You Wear with Your Pearls?

Pairing accessories with a pearl necklace can seem a little challenging. Since pearls are so distinctive, it can seem that it’s very tricky to find something that goes with them, but this isn’t the case. For formal occasions, you can always just double up on the pearls. Simple designs like stud or drop earrings allow the colour, shape and lustre of the gems to take centre stage.

Another option is to pair a pearl necklace with gemstones. Just bear in mind that it’s important to keep the designs low-key and subtle. Otherwise, the overall effect can look tacky. Diamond jewellery is probably the easiest to wear with pearls, although brightly coloured jewels can add some great variation. It’s best to go for gems that closely match the shades of your clothes, and again, go for simplicity like classy single-stone or cluster stud earrings.

Scarlett Johansson Pearl Necklace 2

Scarlett knows how to match.

As for metals, your best choice will largely depend on the colour and variety of pearls. In most cases, gold goes well with pearl necklaces, especially white, cream and yellow pearls. A gold bracelet or ring makes a perfect partner for a strand of pearls.


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