More celebrity pearl jewellery? Why not.

Last week we showed you some fantastic celebrities in pearls which were so popular, we dicided to show you some more! Like we said before, the appeal of the pearl is timeless and as such, pearl jewellery will never go out of fashion.

First up, here’s Natalie Portman looking sublimely beautiful as usual…

Natalie Portman Pearl Jeweller Orchira

Left: Natalie looks stunning in beautiful multi strand pearl necklace. If you want a similar look, try our Winona’s Party necklace. Right: To replicate these gorgeous pieces, check out our Amazing Grace Gold and Snow White necklaces!


Next, the fantastically adorable Ellen Page, who goes for a slightly more subtle choice of a simple but elegant pearl necklace.

Ellen Page Celebrity Pearl Necklace Orchira

Simple, yet stylish. For a great necklace like this, why not have a look at our Quintuplets?

That’s all well and good, but what if you want the sophisticated appeal of some wonderful pearl earrings to accentuate your undoubtedly beautiful face? Perhaps like those worn here by the exquisitely beautiful Kat Dennings? Or the incredible Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie & Kat Dennings Celebrity Pearl Jewellery Orchira

Left: Angelina Jolie looks sharp with a pair of beautiful pearl drop earrings. Get your own with our Heart of Aegean. Right: The irresistible Kat Dennings wears stunning studs and drops, which you can do too with our Glowing Glory and Transcended Elegance pearl earrings!


If none of these take your fancy, then why not look at some of the amazing pearl jewellery sets worn by Rihanna…

Rihanna Celebrity Pearl Necklace Orchira

There’s just too many amazing pieces of pearl jewellery to count here, so why not just choose your favourite from our collections of Multi Strand Pearl Necklaces and Pearl Earrings?

Rihanna Celebrity Pearl Necklace Orchira

Again, Rihanna shows how it’s done with style with plenty of gorgeous pearl necklaces to choose from. Why not check out our vast collection and prepare to be amazed.

Regardless of what type of pearl jewellery you’re looking for, whether it’s a stunning pearl necklace, jewellery that draws the eye of everyone in the room, a fantastic pearl wedding jewellery set or just a pair of gorgeous pearl earrings, you can get it and much, much more from our website. You can rest assured that we never sell faux pearl jewellery, and all of our freshwater cultured pearls are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.


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