The new Miss World 2011 is crowned to Miss Venezuela

South America is definitely the hot spot this year, the Miss Universe 2011 grande finale was held in Brazil (Miss Brazil was also the runner up to the title), and this year’s Miss World is crowned to Miss Venezuela, Miss Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares.

Number two and number three are Miss Pueto Rico and Miss Philippines, both in red gowns.

The final was held in Earls Court, London, curiously every finalists ribbon banners are printed with both English and Chinese titles.

This year’s Miss World showcased the world the pageant competition is not just about beauty, but also about brain. Half of finalists are studying a degree, 1/4 hold a graduate degree, half can speak at least three languages. Nowadays the beauty pagaents are also heavily involved in charity works so there is a meaning behind it.

We are very proud to see Orchira‘s brand image Alize Mounter, the finalist of Miss Universe GB  2011, representing Miss England for Miss World 2011, along with Miss Scotland Jennifer Reoch has triumphed top seven among 80 beauties around the world. Alize Mounter’s images are shown across all Orchira jewellery brand’s marketing material including website, lookbook and brand brochures.


Credit to:

AF/Getty Images


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